What is Antivirus and Why Do You Need it ?

Today, internet has become necessary for everything. If we want to send some files or speak to our friends anywhere in the world, we use internet. But with internet, our computer also remains in danger as it could easily be breached by unwanted software called Virus, from the internet. Despite the fact that our computer comes with preinstalled firewall protection to keep unwanted software away, Virus breaches the protection and invades in our computer resulting into weak performance of our system. A virus could come in different forms like Worm, Trojan and Spyware also known as Malware, all these cause harm in different ways. Hence, to fulfill the need of software which could act upon Virus, Anti-Virus was developed to act as a guard and strengthen our system’s protection and keep them away.

How It works: In 1980’s, Anti-virus was designed to detect and delete virus that are unreachable by the user and keep hiding inside system files. A good anti-virus should be able to act, remove, disarm or prevent system from Trojan horse, Worm, and spyware. This software provides options like custom scanning as well as full system scanning. Custom scan let the user to scan a particular file or disk, while full system scanning scans the whole system at the same time. It uses three detection processes as following: –

  • Specific detection: By performing specific detection, Anti-Virus looks for malware with specific characteristics.
  • Generic Detection: Malwares with common source code are detected by Anti-virus.
  • Heuristic Detection: An anti-Virus while performing Heuristic Detection looks for a file which is working suspiciously. For example a file which is trying to make a copy of itself.

By following these processes an Anti-Virus acts upon malware and prevent the computer from being infected.

Which one is better:

One might be thinking about which Anti-Virus is perfect for computer protection. Though the anti-virus do prevent the system from viruses yet no anti-virus is perfect. Still there are several options like Kaspersky, G-Data, Avira, Avg etc. are highly effective against virus. The highest protection rates of Anti-Virus are as follows:

  • Norton
  • Webroot
  • McAfee
  • Bitdefender
  • G- Data
  • Kespersky
  • Qihoo
  • Bullgaurd

Definitely, an Anti-Virus is essential as it do not let the virus to invade and infect files. As today’s internet has become dangerous it helps us to protect our system from Malware by keeping it immune. Spyware sends our personal information to its originator. To avert this action, an Anti-Virus should be kept in our system for protection. It is always necessary to choose Anti-virus wisely for safeguard the computer.

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