Google Chrome Gets A New Feature To Counter Spectre

According to Google, a new security feature dubbed Site Isolation for Chrome will make it more difficult for harmful sites to launch a Spectre-style attack for stealing data and login credentials from the other open tabs in Google Chrome. This feature has been designed to combat the attacks related to the Spectre-class CPU flaws.

Even since it was first launched two years back, the work in Chrome has been segregated amongst several computing processes. This method makes sure that tabs do not get in the way of each other.

To protect the user from Spectre-based attacks, Chrome has come up with site isolation. The feature is available for a majority of people on Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux.

Consumes more memory

With the introduction of this security feature, Chrome will now use up more memory. Even though it will take up more RAM, Google has decreased certain limitations concerning browser actions.

How to check whether site isolation is enabled or not?

Users can just go to the Task Manager in Chrome and check for a process called Subframe. If the Task Manager shows a Subframe process, then it means that Site Isolation is enabled in Google Chrome.

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